Howdy!  Sure is nice to see that snow up on the peaks!  I saw a post from the folks at Silverton Mountain–some great photos of their patrol making turns yesterday!  Beautiful October powder–gotta love it!

So here’s the scoop for the fall season rental fitting schedule:

In October, we’ll be at the shop Saturdays and Sundays, 11-2pm.  Please call or email me if you can’t make it during those times–I’m sure we can find an alternate time that works for both of us!  (Sarah’s cell 970.749.6435)

Once we enter November we’ll be expanding those hours to Thursday _ Sunday 11am – 4pm, until Purgatory opens.  Once they’re open, we’ll be there 8am-6pm every day that they’re open. 

Now you may be curious about pricing.  We opted to keep it the same as last year for basic kids season rentals, $119.  For those looking for twin tips, those are $149.  We aslo have a new program this year, a Snowburner’s Special.  This is a pre-paid punch card good for 8 rentals. This works out to 8 half price kids rentals (can only be used for kids gear), for $56.  We do a similar program for bigger kids who are in adult gear or for adults doing the men’s and women’s clinics on Wednesdays.  Again, please call or email for more info!

Think Snow!!


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