Well here we are, the day after Purgatory closes for the season.  Ahhhh, deep sigh.  We had a great, great, great ski season this year, made possible by our fantastic customers and Mother Nature.  We will revisit the season again on Friday when DMR reopens for the weekend, but that will surely be the last hurrah.  I’m always a bit torn on this day.  I feel that little nagging sensation that spring is right around the corner and shouldn’t I be starting my herbs and veggies indoors, but in the background I yearn for more turns, slushy and soft.

With the end of daily operations, this is a great time to think about storing your skis and boards for the summer.  We put storage wax on our entire fleet.  This is a very simple task–simply drip a universal ski wax on the bases of your skis and iron in gently.  Let them cool, but do not scrape the excess off.  Put your skis together and store anywhere–in the garage, the attic,  the closet.  The temperature fluctuations throughout the summer months will cause the wax to soften and soak into your bases, keeping them nicely hydrated.  Just remember to scrape them and buff them before skiing on them next season!

Take care of your gear and it will be there for you!  Feel free to stop by the shop this coming weekend for a quick wax– we’ll be open 9-5 Friday thru Sunday!